TPP・ 日欧EPA関連ニュース:2017年6月以降


European Commission proposes signature and conclusion of Japan and Singapore agreements ,European Commission,18.4.18New

Donald Trump ends his brief flirtation with TPP,,18.4.18New

<迫るTPP11 現場からの報告>(5) コメ 品質、価格 競争を意識 北海道新聞 18.4.18New

アングル:トランプ米政権、「TPP復帰」の条件とリスク ロイター 18.4.17New

<迫るTPP11 現場からの報告>(4) 砂糖 直播増、大規模化で努力 北海道新聞 18.4.1616

<迫るTPP11 現場からの報告>(3) 乳製品 拡大か維持か対応二分  北海道新聞 18.4.15

<迫るTPP11 現場からの報告>(2)小麦 小規模農家撤退の動き 北海道新聞 18.4.14

<迫るTPP11 現場からの報告>(1)牛肉 黒毛輸出や銘柄化模索 北海道新聞 18.4.13

トランプ米大統領、TPP復帰検討を指示=共和党議員 ロイター 18.4.13

Trump Proposes Rejoining Trans-Pacific Partnership,The New York Times,18.4.12

Malaysia tobe the biggest winner om CPTPP: Moody's,New Strait Times,18.3.12

S. Korea to decide on joining CPTPP before June,Yonhap,18.3.12

Thailand to study new TPP signed by 11 nations,Bangkok Post.18.3.9

Japan-led Pacific Rim Countries Desperate to Embrace Trump,IPS,18.3.8

‎By Jomo Kwame Sundaram

The New CPTPP Trade Pact is Much Like the Old TPP,IPS,18.3.7

Policy makers should have done new cost-benefit analyses of the CPTPP, especially since the main TPP benefit of US market openingis now lost in the new agreement.  But very few countries have done a new analysis, or they have not revealed the results.

New trade agreement could 'expose taxpayers' to financial risk,Sydney Morning Herald,18.3.5

Japan’s TPP negotiator welcomes UK membership of trading bloc,,18.2.20

The UK may be better off seeking membership of the Trans-Pacific Partnership over a bilateral trade deal with Japan, according to Tokyo's chief negotiator for the mammoth, eleven-nation trade accord. "UK-Japan is one idea and the UK joining TPP is another idea," said Kazuyoshi Umemoto, who has been leading negotiations to revive TPP with eleven members, after Donald Trump pulled the US out of the accord

TPPと日欧EPAで25億円減 県 農林生産額の影響試算 信濃毎日新聞 18.2.17

チーズの品質向上支援 TPP・EPA対策 補正合わせ1013億円 道予算案 北海道新聞 18.2.16

青森県がTPPとEPAの影響試算 生産減少最大28億円  河北新報 18.2.14

Canadian auto industry skeptical of claims about access to Japanese market with new TPP,Globe and Mail,18.2.12

Auto workers and manufacturers are rejecting assertions by Canada's trade minister that the county won major access for them into the highly protected Japanese market in the recently rebooted Trans-Pacific Partnership.

International Trade Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne told the Senate trade committee last week that Canada won its greatest market access ever into the Japanese market when it signed on last month to the new 11-country version of the Pacific Rim pact that was salvaged after the Trump administration pulled the U.S. out last year.

Champagne said the agreement between Canada and Japan is contained in a side-letter, not in the text of the agreement, which he told senators is nonetheless "enforceable."

That's not possible, say representatives from the auto workers union and two trade associations representing Canadian automobile manufacturers.

They said side agreements are not enforceable unless they are part of an actual trade agreement.

And they reiterated past concerns that Canada's decision to join the new TPP, without the U.S., would ultimately cost Canadian manufacturing jobs and undermine the country's interests in wrestling with the U.S. over automobile roadblocks in the ongoing renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

The text of the new TPP has not been released and Champagne's office says the side letter with Japan isn't ready to be released yet but will be....................

道、農林水産物の生産額試算 TPP11で最大495億円減 北海道新聞 18.2.3

農業生産額、TPP発効なら32億円減も 栃木県の対策本部が試算 下野新聞 18.1.30

TPP11 農林水産物の影響額 県試算、最大52億円 EPAは48億円減 /宮崎 毎日新聞 18.1.26

トランプ氏、TPP再検討、ドル高発言の本気度 日本経済新聞 18.1.2

Trans-Pacific Partnership's benefit to Australia 'very small',The Guardian,18.1.25

TPP: Tear up other trade agreements or risk becoming a 'noodle bowl', warns business,Sydney Morning Herald,18.1.24

カナダ、TPP署名へ トルドー首相「交渉は決着」 日本経済新聞 18.1.24

Trans-Pacific Partnership revived after 11 nations agree to trade deal – without US,The Guardian,18.1.23

<宮城県>農林水産生産最大99億円減 TPPや日欧EPA影響 河北新報 18.1.20

TPP影響 最大15・8億円 鳥取県試算 日本海新聞 18.1.19

TPP、EPA 鳥取県内も生産額減に影響大 日本海新聞 18.1.18


「総仕上げ」を許してはならない 東京大学教授・鈴木宣弘 長周新聞 18.1.3

TPP11 2月署名も 来月 首席会合で調整 日本農業新聞 17.12.31


チーズ奨励最大15円 日欧EPA対策 生乳高品質後押し 農水省 日本農業新聞 17.12.23

Revived Trans-Pacific trade deal undercuts Australian jobs market, unions say.The Guardian,17.12.18

The revived Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal will allow at least six countries to access temporary skills shortage work visas without first testing the Australian market, unions have said.

GI保護最終合意 日48、欧71産品 相互対象 日本農業新聞 17.12.16

日欧EPA 19年発効へ妥結優先 関税下げ先行 農業打撃 日本農業新聞 17.12.10

欧EPA妥結、19年発効めざす 世界貿易4割カバー 日本経済新聞 17.12.9

日欧EPA最終合意 投資分野切り離し 日本農業新聞 17.12.9

EU and Japan finalise ‘cars-for-cheese’ trade deal,,17.12.9

Joint Statement by the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker and the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe,European Commission,17.12.8

A new EU trade agreement with Japan - Factsheet ,European Commission,17.12.8

EU and Japan finalise Economic Partnership Agreement,European Commission,17.12.8

首相「TPP発効へ議論主導」 日中関係「新段階に」 日本経済新聞 17.11.15

【東京大学教授 鈴木宣弘】
 農業協同組合新聞 17.11.14

「大筋合意」で成果演出TPP新協定(核心) 東京新聞 17.11.14 3

TPP首脳合意見送り 閣僚会合 新協定案発表へ 東京新聞  17.11.11 夕刊

漂流の焦りから妥結、TPP11「米復帰の土台できた」 日本経済新聞 17.11.10

TPP11大筋合意 米抜き、自由貿易推進 日本経済新聞 17.11.10

NZ総選挙、与党辛勝 連立協議 TPP交渉に影響も 日本経済新聞 17.9.24

日欧EPA 欧州が最終合意前に条文公開→日本は削除要請 開示姿勢の差浮き彫り 東京新聞 17.7.26 朝刊 6

日欧FTAを「TPPプラス」にした愚行 東京大学・鈴木宣弘教授 農業協同組合新聞 17.7.11

日欧EPA交渉が大枠合意、「ほぼ全ての重要分野が決着」 ロイター 17.7.6

日欧EPA大枠合意、首脳協議できょう宣言 日本経済新聞 17.7.6

EU and Japan reach agreement in principle on Economic Partnership Agreement,European Commission,17.12.8

Malmström optimistic following Tokyo trade talks,European Commission,17.7.3

Japan, EU narrow differences over free trade agreement,Deutsche Welle,17.6.29

豚肉関税下げ、TPP並みに 日欧EPA交渉 日本経済新聞 17.6.13

日EU交渉 大詰め きょう首席交渉官来日 日本農業新聞 17.6.13

EU Commissioners Malmström and Hogan in Japan for endgame in trade talksEuropean Commission,17.6.3