世界の農業・食料関係ニュース:過去1週間(World food and agriculture:past one weak




Urgent need to step up efforts to end hunger and malnutrition in all its forms,FAO,18.10.16


EU agrees to negotiate with the US on beef,,18.10.20New

The EU is set to hold talks with the US to end a decades-long row over restrictions on beef imports into the European market, after US farmers complained they were not getting the promised benefits of a previous deal.

The EU Council on Friday said it had authorised negotiations aimed at helping US farmers take a greater share of an existing 45,000 ton import quota that is available to non-EU beef farmers.

The talks are a response to US complaints that other countries are using up too much of the quota, which was created to end a legal battle between the EU and US over Europe’s ban on hormones that are widely used by US cattle farmers.

The quota, although it only applies to beef that does not violate the EU’s hormone ban, was part of a settlement the two sides reached at the World Trade Organization in 2009, and that they updated in 2014.




Price and subsidies cast a shadow over rice policy,Nation,18.10.16


Volunteers help elderly taro farmer with harvest,Taipei Timesw,18.10.16

The event was organized by the Kinmen Department of Economic Affairs’ Agriculture and Forestry Section.

The agency has been promoting organic and environmentally friendly farming practices in the past few years, but because the methods can affect harvests, some farmers have had reservations, section head Chung Li-wei (鐘立偉) said.


GEAC seeks information from Bangladesh on effects of commercial release of Bt brinjal,Hindu Business Line,18.1016

In a move that could be construed as a baby step towards lifting an eight-year moratorium imposed on commercial cultivation of Bt brinjal, biotechnology regulator GEAC has called for a review of biosafety data available from neighbouring Bangladesh, which has been growing the transgenic variety for last four years.


Exports of rice fall in first nine months,Phnom Penh Post,18.10.15

Cambodia Rice Federation (CRF) vice-president Hun Lak said the decrease is due to the shortage of paddy to supply the industry.

The claim conflicts with government records which show national paddy surpluses of up to more than three million tonnes a year.

“The world rice market this year is good, so there are many brokers to buy the paddy directly from farmers, while our storage [facilities are not yet] ready."


Firms aim to boost official farm exports to China,Viet Nam News,18.10.15


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Carbon farming officially recognised as an industry in the Northern Territory — and it's set to grow,ABC Rural News,18.10.18


Where has drought aid been allocated and what difference is it making? ,ABC Rural News,18.10.17


Emu milkshake? Demand for eggs 'eight times the size of a chicken's' skyrockets,ABC Rural News,18.10.14


中東・北アフリカ(E.Asia,N.Africa top






Early warnings, late response to Senegal’s food crisis,IRIN,18.10.18New

Wheat supply remains critical,The Herald,18.10.17

South Africa: The unknown impact of land reform,Deutsche Welle,18.10.16

More than two decades after the end of apartheid in South Africa, the unequal distribution of land remains. The government wants to rectify that, but the experts say there are more pressing issues.


Bye bye to maize imports as…Grain deliveries top 1,1m tonnes,The Herald,18.10.16

Zimbabwe will not import maize as it has become food secure, with farmers having so far delivered 1,1 million tonnes to the Grain Marketing Board for the 2018 marketing season, thanks to the successful Command Agriculture programme.

Technology hope for African farmers,,18.10.15

Precision farming techniques are being scaled down to be usable and affordable
In Africa, a start-up scene is taking shape, capable of lifting millions out of poverty by transforming the continent’s largest industry: agriculture.The African continent contains more than a quarter of the world’s arable land, and farming contributes 15 per cent of its total gross domestic product, equivalent to $100bn a year, according to consultancy McKinsey. Yet a traditional, manual approach of smallholder farmers has kept yields below full capacity.
Now technological innovation is starting to help boost production. Precision Agriculture for Development (PAD), a Boston-based non-profit organisation, for example, uses text messaging to teach farmers in western Kenya how to use agricultural lime — which helps combat soil acidity — as well as how to fight the fall armyworm, a pest that tears through crops and destroys livelihoods.PAD, which works in several countries including Ethiopia, Kenya and Rwanda, is one of a growing number of non-profit organisations and companies disseminating technology tools to transform the growing practices of smallholders — farmers with small plots of land relying almost exclusively on family labour.



Latest report shows income increase in the EU farming sector,European Commission,18.10.19New


Deadly disease rattles Europe’s pig farmers,,18.10.17

Outbreak of African swine fever in Belgium threatens jobs and exports


‘Smart farmers’ reduced carbon emissions by 9%, EPA says,Irish Times,18.10.17


Arrêté du 4 mai 2017 / Mise sur le marché et utilisation des produits phytopharmaceutiques,Ministère de l’Agriculture, de l’Alimentation,18.10.16

L'arrêté fixe notamment la vitesse maximale du vent au-delà de laquelle ces produits ne peuvent pas être appliqués, les conditions d'application des produits à proximité des points d'eau, les délais à respecter entre l’application et la récolte, les délais de rentrée dans les parcelles traitées après l’utilisation des produits et les équipements de protection individuelle afin de prévenir l'exposition des travailleurs.


Certification environnementale : liste des organismes certificateurs agréés par le ministère de l'Agriculture,Ministère de l’Agriculture, de l’Alimentation,18.10.15


Certification environnementale : liste des démarches reconnues par le ministère de l’Agriculture,Ministère de l’Agriculture, de l’Alimentation,18.10.15


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Trump Administration Launches “Winning on Reducing Food Waste” Initiative,USDA,18.10.19




Brazil’s soya farms spread under scrutiny,,18.10.15

International attention has turned to deforestation in the country’s rich savannah


Latin America Backslides in Struggle to Reach Zero Hunger Goal,IPS,18.10.14