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Can Agroecology Feed the World?,IPS,20.10.24

‎Producing food and ensuring nutrition security, protecting the environment and restoring biodiversity, building sustainable and fair food systems: Thatfs the promise of agroecology.
It is a dream? Or an economically feasible model that can feed a growing world population, expected to increase by 2 billion persons in the next 30 years, reaching 9.7 billion in 2050?

gSome people have been saying: Maybe it is more sustainable or itfs more resilient, but itfs not as productive and not as economically viable. This has been [shown] to be untrue, even in Europe,h Emile Frison, member of the International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems, told Degrees of Latitude.


Food Security Bursts Onto the Global Agenda,IPS,20.10.21

FAOfs Statistical Yearbook offers largest trove of data on food and agriculture,FAO,20.10.20

‎On the occasion of its 75th Anniversary and the 3rd World Statistics Day, FAO is publishing today its revamped Statistical Yearbook, which weighs in at 366 pages this year and also offers digital interactivity and downloadable data sets for the first time.




Chinese vice premier stresses autumn, winter agricultural production,Xnhua,20.10.24New

BEIJING, Oct. 23 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Vice Premier Hu Chunhua has stressed the need to strengthen agricultural production, including the planting of autumn and winter crops, to lay a good foundation for the next year.

AWAEAWAiSoutheast Asiajitop

Consumer group protests pork with ractopamine,Taipei Times,20.10.21

TOO LITTLE DATA? The Consumersf Foundation said that the government would hopefully take the publicfs concerns seriously after many people sign the petition

The Consumersf Foundation and several civic groups yesterday launched an online petition to demand that the government scrap its executive order easing restrictions on imports of US pork containing the leanness-enhancing agent ractopamine.

Ractopamine is harmful to animals and there is insufficient data on its effects on the health of humans, the foundation said.

President Tsai Ing-wen (p) on Aug. 28 announced that, starting on Jan. 1, Taiwan would ease restrictions on imports of US pork containing traces of the animal feed additive, as well as beef from cattle aged 30 months or older.


Mekong Delta protects crops, shrimp ponds against rains, high tides,Viet Nam News,20.10.20

‎Local authorities and people in the Cu Long (Mekong) Delta are taking measures to protect crops and residential areas from heavy rains and high tides.


Mekong Delta takes preventive measures against saline intrusion in next dry season,Viet Nam News,20.10.20

‎Local authorities in the Cu Long (Mekong) Delta have begun taking measures to cope with the effects of saltwater intrusion and drought in the upcoming 2020-21 dry season.

Agriculture exports grow as coffee, vegetables, fruits in demand,Jakarta Post,20.10.20

Indonesia is seeing a rise in agriculture exports as its coffee, vegetables and fruits are in demand overseas despite declining global trade.

 Agriculture exports reached US$410 million in September, up 16.22 percent from the same month last year, Statistics Indonesia (BPS) data show.

Indonesiafs overall exports, meanwhile, were down just 0.5 percent year-on-year (yoy) at $14.01 billion. g[The agriculture exports] started to pick up in September,h Trade Ministryfs national exports development director general, Kasan Muhri, said in a virtual discussion on Monday.

Explainer: How Job Creation Law impacts agriculture,Jakarta Post,20.10.19

 The recently passed Job Creation Law officially revises laws related to agriculture, including on investment, imports and land use, aimed at improving the countryfs ease-of-doing-business ranking and boosting food security, although experts have questioned the new lawfs efficiency and long-term impacts.

AWAiSout Asiajitop


Hike in wheat support price could increase inflation: PIDE,Dawn,20.10.25New

As the government mulls an upward revision in the minimum support price (MSP) for wheat, the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE) has warned that any such move could lead to a further increase in inflation. — Reuters/File






First south Queensland grain crop since 2016 ends reliance on WA imports,ABC Rural,20.10.25New

‎Queensland's grain industry is bouncing back after multiple seasons were missed because of the drought and the state relied on grain imports from Western Australia to feed livestock.


City farming on the rise as COVID-19 prompts people to rethink how they source their food,ABC Rural,20.10.25New

The coronavirus pandemic sees a surge in the number of people wanting to grow or source food closer to home, either on urban farms or even in public spaces.


Farming at the frontline of climate change following record-breaking flood,ABC Rural,20.10.19

‎Graziers Sue and Simon Gedda feel conflicted about the environmental impact of their beef enterprise, but rather than abandon the industry, they are becoming more sustainable.



ߓEkAtJiMiddle East,North Africajitopj 






FT Special Report African Farming and the World,Financial Times,20.10.22

African Farming & the World,FT.com

Nigeria harnesses scale to boost smallholder productivity; the battle to commercialise South Africafs Eastern Cape; camel milkfs superfood credentials; how tackling soil depletion can raise yields; Egyptian orange farmers capitalise on export boom; what Nigeria can learn from Brazilian techniques


EU concerned over threats facing aid workers in S. Sudan,SudanTribube,20.10.20

October 19, 2020 (JUBA) - The European Union (EU) delegation have expressed deep concerns regarding recurrent reports of high numbers of incidents in South Sudan, where national and international humanitarian aid workers are hindered, threatened, injured or in some cases killed. 






Press release - A greener, fairer, and more robust EU farm policy,European Prliament,20.10.24


Press release - EU farm policy reform: Statements by Parliamentfs chief negotiators,European Prliament,20.10.24


Background - EU farm policy reform as approved by MEPs,European Prliament,20.10.24


Après des négociations tendues, les eurodéputés adoptent la nouvelle politique agricole commune,Le Monde,20.10.24


Les eurodéputés adoptent la nouvelle politique agricole commune,Agri Mutuel,20.10.23


European Parliament votes to allow veggie sausages,Deutsche Welle,20.10.23

‎The European Parliament has voted down a motion that would have banned meatless food products from having names associated with meat. But nondairy foods must now avoid referring to milk or cheese in their descriptions.


Calls on Irish MEPs to reject eregressivef CAP proposals in key European Parliament vote,Irish Times,20.10.23

Ahead of a critical vote in the European Parliament on Friday, Irish environmental groups have claimed the EU common agriculture policy (CAP) reform package agreed earlier this week is not in the best interests of farmers and is a betrayal of Irish nature.

BirdWatch Ireland (BWI) said on Thursday it was gdismayed with the shape of the CAP agreed by the majority of Irish MEPs and the Agriculture Minister Charlie McConalogue at the European Councilh.

gThe proposals agreed will not address the climate, biodiversity or water problems generated by Irish agriculture unless they are radically changed,h said BWI head of advocacy Oonagh Duggan.

gMEPs have the opportunity to change their minds, as well as the legacy they will leave behind them, by voting the CAP down in the final vote on the overall package . . . and sending it back to the European Commission, h she added. 


Living Planet: Fighting for rice against rising tides ,Deutsche Welle,20.7.22

The Ebro Delta in Spain is known as a major rice-growing region. But rising sea levels are increasing water salinity, while freshwater that feeds the delta is drying up. Both scenarios pose big problems for the future of rice in the region, with agricultural scientists in a race against time to find adaptive rice varieties.


Meat consumption rises, Dutch now eat 200 million chickens a year,Dutch News,20.10.22


Conseil européen : une PAC ni plus verte ni plus juste !, Confédération paysanne,20.10.21


Le ministre de lfAgriculture et de lfAlimentation, Julien Denormandie, salue lfaccord trouvé au Conseil des ministres de l'agriculture des 19 et 20 octobre sur la future PAC,Ministère de lfAgriculture, de lfAlimentation,20.10.21


French farmer wins legal battle against Monsanto over weedkiller,Deutsche Welle,20.10.21

A subsidiary of German chemical giant Bayer lost a legal battle on Wednesday after a French farmer argued one of its weedkillers seriously damaged his health. Paul François said he accidentally inhaled fumes from a Monsanto product known as Lasso, which led to neurological problems. The former US company is now owned by Germany's Bayer


La France présentera son plan stratégique agricole en 2021.Le Monde,20.10.21

‎Les subventions européennes représente, en moyenne, près de 20 % des recettes des exploitations agricoles.


Réforme de la PAC : les ministres de lfagriculture de lfUE trouvent un accord.Le Monde,20.10.21

‎Cette réforme de la PAC est destinée à mieux prendre en compte les défis environnementaux et climatiques. Le projet doit maintenant faire lfobjet de pourparlers avec le Parlement européen.


Opinion: EU fails to introduce real agricultural reform,Deutsche Welle,20.10.21


Accord des Vingt-Sept sur la nouvelle politique agricole commune,Agri Mutuel,20.10.21

Les ministres de l'agriculture de l'UE se sont mis d'accord mercredi, après de longs pourparlers, sur une réforme de la politique agricole commune (Pac) marquée par des règles environnementales contraignantes - une première étape cruciale avant des négociations avec les eurodéputés.


Réforme de la PAC : les ministres de lfagriculture de lfUE trouvent un accord,Le Monde,20.10.21

‎Cette réforme de la PAC est destinée à mieux prendre en compte les défis environnementaux et climatiques. Le projet doit maintenant faire lfobjet de pourparlers avec le Parlement européen.


Négociations tendues autour de la nouvelle politique agricole commune européenne,Le Monde,20.10.21

Le projet présenté par la Commission accorde davantage de latitude aux Etats membres et doit permettre dfaller vers une agriculture plus verte. Mais les différents groupes du Parlement et les gouvernements doivent encore se mettre dfaccord


British sausage makers face EU freeze after Brexit,FT.com,20.10.21

British makers of sausages, pies and minced beef are facing a potentially crippling hit to their trade with Europe because of EU rules requiring prepared meat products to be imported in frozen form, the industry has warned.

The meat industry fears that unless UK negotiators can secure an exemption to the rules, EU customers will look elsewhere for premium chilled products.

The requirement for all gmeat preparationsh imported from outside the European Economic Area to arrive frozen will also complicate trade between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, where EU customs rules will apply after January 1

Négociations tendues autour de la nouvelle politique agricole commune européenne,Le Monde,20.10.20

Le projet présenté par la Commission accorde plus de latitude aux Etats membres et doit permettre dfaller vers une agriculture plus verte. Après un accord entre les ministres de lfagriculture, le Parlement doit en débattre

Les défis de la nouvelle Politique agricole commune,Agri Mutuel,20.10.20

Comment adapter l'agriculture européenne aux défis environnementaux et climatiques, sans mettre sous pression un secteur économiquement fragile? Entre incitations et contraintes, la nouvelle Pac fait l'objet cette semaine d'âpres négociations.

Réunis depuis lundi au Luxembourg, les ministres de lfagriculture de lfUE tentent de trouver une majorité qualifiée sur trois textes déterminant la prochaine Politique agricole commune (Pac) — dont le montant (quelque 386 milliards dfeuros pour 7 ans) est déjà fixé. Le Parlement européen examine les mêmes dossiers à partir de mardi soir, avec des votes sféchelonnant jusqufà vendredi. États et eurodéputés devront ensuite trancher dfici début 2021 sur les règles, qui sfappliqueront à partir de janvier 2023.

Voir aussi : La nouvelle Pac est-elle déjà vouée à lféchec ?


EU economy: fear of no-deal Brexit stalks the fields of Flanders ,FT.com,20.10.19

Striding between crates of conference pears stacked in a cavernous warehouse, Marc Evrard says business with Britain has actually been very stable since the 2016 Brexit referendum.

There were some abrupt movements in the exchange rate between the pound and euro after the vote but, other than that, Belgiumfs biggest fruit-growing co-operative has seen few disruptions in its trade with the UK.

That beguiling period of continuity is soon to end.

Mr Evrard, the commercial director of Belgian Fruit Valley (BFV), which encompasses over 1,000 fruit growers, reels off a long list of unknowns he now confronts in trading with the UK, one of its key export markets. They range from the possible imposition of tariffs on exports to new customs requirements, food inspections and potential border delays. 


UK farmers fret over organic exports to EU next year,FT.com,20.10.19

UK farmers face a ban on exporting their products to the EU under the gorganich label from January 1 if the bloc does not opt to recognise their certification after the end of the Brexit transition.

Farmers say time is running out to secure recognition and enable the continued flow of an estimated £225m a year of organic exports on which the UK sector depends.

Uncertainty around exports from next year means that continental European customers have already begun to end longstanding deals with UK suppliers over concerns about recognition of regulations that determine products that can be called gorganich.g

We are uniquely affected in terms of Brexit because we are one of fairly few industries that could face an outright ban on trading, because we have a regulation that protects us,h said Lee Holdstock, trade relations manager at the Soil Association, the UKfs leading organic certification body.

gItfs great to have that regulation to protect consumers . . . but to have that protection in times like this makes you uniquely vulnerable.h   



USTR and USDA Release Report on Agricultural Trade between the United States and China,USDA,20.10.24New

Washington, DC – The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) today issued a report highlighting the progress made to date in implementing the agricultural provisions in the U.S.-China Phase One Economic and Trade Agreement, which is delivering historic results for American agriculture.



FAO calls for collaboration and innovation in Latin America and the Caribbean,FAO,20.10.19

‎The Director-General praised the efficient response of the region so far to keep food supply chains working amid the impacts of the pandemic."I have seen that your countries adopted a slogan in this pandemic: Agriculture will not stop!"