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Reimagining Farming Post-Covid Pandemic,IPS,20.3.6New

Food security pished up aqgenda as stockpiling bottlenevcks spook states,Financial Times,20.4.6,p.3

Countries follow consumers in stockpiling food,FT.com,20.4.5

‎Fears grow despite plentiful supplies as some governments launch export restrictions

World food prices drop in March,FAO,20.4.2

World food prices declined sharply in March, driven by demand-side contractions linked to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the drop in global oil prices due mostly to expectations of economic slowdown. The FAO Food Price Index declined 4.3 percent from February

_Yf(Agricultural and marine products trade)itop

Brazilian meat exports to China on hold because of coronavirus social distancing measures,Merco Press.20.4.1

China has not approved any new Brazilian meat plants for export this year because of the coronavirus pandemic, an official at Brazilfs Agriculture Ministry said, adding that all approvals were on hold until the crisis eases.

Agency chiefs issue joint call to keep food trade flowing in response to COVID-19,WTO,20.4.1

‎The heads of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) issued a joint statement on 31 March calling on governments to minimise the impact of COVID-19 related border restrictions on trade in food. gNow is the time to show solidarity, act responsibly and adhere to our common goal of enhancing food security, food safety and nutrition and improving the general welfare of people around the world,h the agency heads said. ---



Govft bans fish exports,Phnom Penh Post,20.4.6

The government has suspended fish exports in an effort to stabilise domestic supply in the face of the spreading coronavirus.

Lockdown stalls Indian rice exports,Bangkok Post,20.4.5

MUMBAI: Indian rice traders have stopped signing new export contracts amid the nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus, as labour shortages and logistics shave hampered the delivery of even existing contracts, industry executives say.

China able to ensure food security despite coronavirus impact,xinhua,20.4.5

BEIJING, April 4 (Xinhua) -- Chinese officials said Saturday that the country can hold firm its "rice bowl" despite the novel coronavirus impact, with ample grain reserves and measures to boost production.

Mekong Delta farmers switch to other crops in response to climate change,Viet Nam News,20.4.4

Dry season pushes dept to halt 2nd rice crop,Bangkok Post,20.4.4

The Royal Irrigation Department (RID) has pledged to follow through with its water-allocation plan as another month of the dry season lies ahead.

RID deputy director-general Thaweesak Thanadechopol said the department will strictly adhere to the water-management plan to ensure there is adequate supply until the rainy season comes.

Under the plan for the dry season (November 2019-April 2020), 17,699 million cubic metres of water have been allocated for use -- 5,000 million cubic metres lower than the previous dry season.

As of yesterday, 14,488 million cubic metres of water had been used, accounting for 82% of the plan. Based on the current situation, water use is expected to be on track with the plan.

Mr Thaweesak said the second rice crop season in the Chao Phraya River Basin is not allowed during the current dry season due to water shortage concerns.


Coronavirus lockdown: Delhi struggles to feed migrants left behind,Deutsche Welle,20.4.4

‎Amid the ongoing lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus, the lives of migrant daily wage workers in the Indian capital region revolve around long lines and uncertainty over their next meal. Seerat Chabba reports


Bengal sees spike in rice prices,Hindu Business,20.4.4

Closure of mills due to labour shortage and spurt in demand push up rice prices-----

About 50-60 per cent of the mills across various districts have been forced to close down due to labour shortage as a majority of workers employed in these mills have gone back to their villages due to the pandemic scare. This has impacted production of rice from paddy at a time when consumption has nearly doubled.

gPeople have been stocking up more rice than their usual consumption due to the uncertainty over the extent of lockdown. The lower consumption of fish and meat during the lockdown phase has also led to a spurt in demand for rice, leading to higher prices,h


Call to exempt sales and service of farm equipment from lockdown,Hindu Business,20.4.4

Farm machinery makers are seeking exemption from the lockdown to run their sales and service centres to cater to the farmersf requirement during the rabi harvest season.

Crops such as wheat and gram are ready for harvest across major parts of North India.

The Centre has exempted farm inputs such as fertilisers, seeds and pesticides from lockdown. Though the inter- and intra-State movement of farm machinery such as combines and harvesters, the implementation of the order is poor on the ground. gWe are urging the Government to consider placing farm machinery in the exempt category and allow operations of sales and service centres,h said Shenu Agarwal, CEO of Escortsf Farm Machinery business.

Japanfs meat industry on rack after beefing up output of top-quality wagyu,Financial Times,20.4.4,p.1

Coronavirus serves up a surplus of Wagyu beef,FT.com,20.4.3

Cancelled business dinners, postponed dates, empty ryokan inns and the sudden absence of gourmet tourists from around the world has given Japanfs government a coronavirus crisis it never envisaged: how to offload hundreds of tons of succulent, perfectly marbled Wagyu beef in a hurry.


Chinafs bumper grain harvest despite Covid-19,The Herald,20.4.3
BEIJING. — The Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said yesterday that it is a ghigh-probability eventh that the country will see a bumper grain harvest in 2020 as ample reserves and stable agricultural production ensure self-sufficiency amid the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.gChina has seen a pretty long streak of bumper years, with inventories and reserves abundant and grain price consistently stable,h MOC official Wang Bin told a news conference when answering a question regarding domestic concerns over food shortage fueled by bans on food exports by major producers around the world.China, the worldfs top food producer and consumer saw its grain output reach a record high of 664 million tonnes last year, the 16th bumper year in a row, he said.


Drought affects over 1 mln people in SW China province,Xinhua,20.4.3

Over 1 million people are affected by the severe drought in China's Yunnan. The drought is estimated to continue until the rainy season in early summer. 


Central region faces water shortage for summer-autumn crop,Viet Nam News,20.4.2

‎Thousands of hectares of farmland in the central region were likely to face severe water shortages for the summer-autumn rice crop, according to the General Department of Irrigation

Cn Thơ rice farmers switch to high-value sesame,Viet Nam News,20.4.2

‎Among measures to cope with drought and fresh water shortage, the switch to sesame crops in the dry season has provided rice farmers in Cn Thơ City with higher incomes in recent years.

Rice export restrictions not foreseen,Bangkok Post,20.4.2

Despite growing food security fears worldwide, the government says Thailand has no plans to limit rice exports.


PHL plans rice imports amid lockdown,BusinessWorld,20.4.1

THE government is planning to import 300,000 metric tons (MT) of rice to ensure there is enough domestic supply as Luzon remains under enhanced community quarantine.

At the same time, the country is facing a garlic shortage as local production is not enough to offset the loss of imports from China due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, the Agriculture department said.

Shortage of feed hits chicken project ,The Hindu,20.4..1

‎Poultry farms in north Kerala districts struggle for survival

The farmers are also facing difficulty to market chicken and eggs owing to the difficulty in transporting it. The condition of other farmers in the State is not different, he adds.

Though the poultry feed haw been included in the essential goods, the border States of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are not allowing trucks to enter the State, says M.V. Santhosh, administrative officer, Kerala Chicken project

MoIT proposes exporting 400,000 tonnes of rice in April,Viet Nam News,20.4.1

‎The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) has proposed to resume rice exports from April, with a volume of 400,000 tonnes, after the ministry has compiled reports on production, domestic consumption and exports to submit to the Prime Minister.






Total lockdown fears: Counties start mapping out food-insecure families,Daily Nation,20.4.7New

Although the government has time and again insisted that there is nothing such as a looming shutdown, everything seems to be pointing towards that direction.
At least that is what the measures announced in recent weeks and whatever is happening in the background in government circles seems to be pointing to.
President Uhuru Kenyatta has on two occasions avoided ordering a total shutdown, instead issuing guidelines that restrict movement in a way but not altogether.


AfDB grants Sh158m for locust fight,Business Daily20.4.3


Government intensifies smart agriculture,The Herald,20.4.2

The Government has said it will intensify climate smart agriculture, a farming technique that helps farmers to be more productive on a warming planet, than adopting gharmfulh genetically modified crops.

This comes against the backdrop of growing calls by Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) advocates pushing for the Government to adopt a policy that embrace the GM technology in light of successive failed harvests due to droughts linked to climate change.

Those actively campaigning for the GMOs are also arguing that the country is already consuming imported GMOs while maintaining the GM non-use policy was making the countryfs agricultural produce uncompetitive.




Government aims to change Aliens Act to rescue vegetable and berry harvests,,YLE,20.4.4

‎Over the past couple of decades, most seasonal workers in Finnish agriculture have come from abroad. With the coronavirus crisis limiting travel, there are worries about food possibly going to waste due to a labour shortage this summer.

The government is proposing that people with residence permits in Finland be offered work in sectors that are important in ensuring the countryfs security of supply and keeping the labour market operational.

The cabinet aims to make temporary changes to the Aliens Act and the Seasonal Workers Act that would remain in effect until the end of this year.


Filière laitière : Réduire aujourdhui pour exister demain La Confédération paysanne,20.4.3

La crise sanitaire actuelle menace l'avenir et la viabilité de l'ensemble de la filière laitière.

La première semaine de confinement a été catastrophique pour le grand export et la situation est toujours compliquée pour l'export en Europe. Or c'est 40% de la production laitière française qui est destinée à l'exportation. La limitation de ces échanges a engorgé les débouchés du commerce intérieur, d'autant plus que nombres d'entre eux ont été supprimés : c'est le cas de la restauration collective, de la restauration hors domicile, et de la plupart des marchés.


Germany lifts coronavirus ban on seasonal workers,FT.com,20.4.3

Germany has lifted its ban on seasonal farm workers entering the country, announcing that farms can bring in 80,000 people after an outcry from the agricultural lobby and warnings from the retail sector about a potential hit to food supplies