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New tool to help local crop varieties flourish,FAO,19.11.14

With the aim of assuring crop diversity and farmersf resilience, FAO today published the Voluntary Guidelines for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of Farmers Varieties/Landraces, which advises countries on how to develop national plans to conserve these critical resources.


Green Climate Fund approves programmes to fight climate change in Chile, Kyrgyzstan and Nepal.FAO,19.11.14


Innovation needed to end food loss and global hunger,FAO,19.11.12


Global treaty critical for saving disappearing plants amid climate change,FAO,19.11.12 

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EU steps up monitoring of horticulture imports,EastAfrican,19.11.18New

Exporting nations cited for exceeding allowable levels of chemicals in fresh farm produce.





Business : MSPO trace app tracks palm oil from grower to customer,BERNAMA,19.11.18New

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 18 -- The Malaysian Palm Oil Certification Council (MPOCC) today launched its Malaysia Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO) Trace system, a continuous certification monitoring platform throughout the palm oil value chain from grower to customer.

Land plan will leave farmers 'in limbo',Bangkok Post,19.11.17

The government's commodification of rural land will exacerbate the plight of farmers and create an "agricultural proletariat" in the name of development, a forum was warned on Saturday.

Li cites need for stabilized pork supplies,China Daily,19.11.16

People should be ensured of meat's availability during the Spring Festival

Premier Li Keqiang called for all-out measures to ensure the supply of pork and stabilize its prices to meet public demand for the most commonly consumed meat in China.

Govft tightens watch on imported rice,BusinessWorld,19.11.14

 gneed to strengthen registration procedure for importers of plants, planting materials and plant products, and specify the validity of the sanitary and phytosanitary import clearance (SPSIC) to safeguard from entry, establishment and spread of exotic plant pests and comply with food safety requirements,h the order implements grevised requirementsh in this regard.


Soaring Indian onion prices raise risk of political fallout,FT.com,19.11.14

Onion prices in India have soared to eye-watering heights, leading to worries about food inflation and consumer unrest amid declining availability of one of the countryfs most important vegetables.Extreme heat earlier this year followed by excess rainfall from the annual monsoon has led to a drastic fall in production in Indiafs key growing areas.Wholesale onion prices at Azadpur, a leading hub for onion traders near New Delhi, have jumped by almost 500 per cent from the start of the year to Rs1,908 per 40kg after soaring to a six-year high of Rs2,400 in April.

Farmers continue drying paddy on roads despite fatal crash,Bangkok Post,19.1113


Like 'Armageddon': Farmers reeling in aftermath of a terrifying firestorm they had no hope of beatingABC Rural,19.11.16

‎With thousands of hectares of farmland burnt, countless head of cattle dead and tonnes of crops scorched, bushfires have brought chaos and untold suffering to farmers in northern New South Wales


Farmers pour 4,000l of milk down the drain as bushfires cut power,ABC Rural,19.11.15

‎A dairy farming couple is forced to drain nearly 4,000 litres of milk after bushfires left their property without electricity for days.
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Net Food Importer Turkey Grapples with Challenges of Food Self-sufficiency,IPS,19.11.18New




Angola to achieve wheat flour self-sufficiency,Angop,19.11.17New




Des animaux exportés par lfUnion européenne victimes de mauvais traitements,Le Monde,19.11.15


Commission publishes updated EU feed protein supply,European Commission,19.11.14


« Il existe des forces de transformation des pratiques agricoles dans le monde paysan »,Le Monde,19.11.14

Le professeur Jean-Philippe Martin explique, dans une tribune au « Monde », que la recherche dfalternative au productivisme et lfintérêt pour lfenvironnement ont été portés par des paysans qui nfont pas attendu les vertueux urbains pour réfléchir à leurs pratiques et commencer à les modifier.

Nitrogen pollution plan may not work or hold up in law, experts say,Dutch News,19.11.1


New anti-nitrogen measures greeted with mixed reactions,Dutch News,19.11.14


A 2020 action plan for Geographical Indications in Africa,European Commission,19.11.12  


U.S. Farm Finances Worsen Despite Trump Trade War Aid,Bloomberg,19.11.15

Farm finances deteriorated across a swath of agricultural states during the summer and early fall despite the Trump administrationfs second round of trade aid payments and slightly higher prices, the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City reported Thursday.


Brazilfs Implementation of Tariff Rate Quota for Wheat a Win for American Farmers,USDA,19.11.15


American Poultry Farmers Regain Access to China,USDA,19.11.15