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As more go hungry and malnutrition persists, achieving Zero Hunger by 2030 in doubt, UN report warns,FAO,20.7.13New

Grain: World Markets and Trade@USDA@July 10, 2020

Beware the eHungerf to Access Indigenous Peoplesf Land and Resources for Post-COVID-19 Recovery,IPS,20.7.9

‎When governments and states begin their recovery journey from the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic, there might be a heightened threat to indigenous peoples, their land and resources. 

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Rising food prices behind inflationary pressures: SBP,Dawn,20.7.12

Weighted contribution of food group in the overall urban CPI inflation increased to 52.2pc during May from 48.3pc in April


Heifer Nepal Farmers Persevere During COVID-19 Pandemic,IPS,20.7.11


Government moves to restrict use of glyphosate,Hindu Business,20.7.9

‎Says application of herbicide shall be done only through pest control operators


Digital Agriculture Linking Indian Farmers to Consumers Can Impact Food Security,IPS,20.7.9

 Digital technologies in agriculture are helping address the twin problems of food security and supply chain disruptions triggered by COVID-19 in India, while augmenting the income of smallholder farmers.

Leveraging technology to match supply and demand of resources and food is key to overcoming the issues of starvation and food supply interruptions, Anshul Sushil, CEO and co-founder at Wizikey, an online platform linking over 500 agriculture-related business, tells IPS.

Vit Nam to increase rice exports to EU under EVFTA,Viet Nam News,20.7.8

‎Rice quotas for Vit Nam under the EVFTA are expected to push Vit Namfs rice exports up from the second half of this year, according to the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT).


China scales back meat imports over virus concerns,FT.com,20.7.8

‎Restrictions against processing plants in US, Europe, Brazil, and Canada to push up food prices


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UAE council assesses trends in food security,Tradd Arabia,20.7.10

‎The UAEfs Emirates Food Security Council discussed the formation of key committees and the management of the countryfs strategic stocks of food at its recently held third meeting.
Chaired by Mariam Almheiri, Minister of State for Food and Water Security, the virtual event also assessed the latest trends driving the food security domain, reviewed the recommendations of the councilfs first two meetings, reported state-run news agency Wam.





FAO welcomes additional €15 million from the European Union to fight Desert Locusts and their impacts on food security,FAO,20.7.8

The European Union increases its support to fight the severe desert locust outbreak in East Africa,European Commission,20.7.8   



Farmers switch from malting barley to wheat and oats,Radio Sweden,20.7.13New

‎Baking rather than beer-drinking. That seems to have been one of the effects the coronavirus crisis has had on customers' behaviour, which has had a knock-on effect on what farmers have decided to grow.


Finnish Food Authority: Safe to eat berries despite infections among pickersYLE,20.7.13New

‎Consumers have voiced concern about eating domestic berries after nine seasonal farm workers were diagnosed with Covid-19 infections last week in the Päijät-Häme region near Lahti.

Leena Räsänen, head of food safety at the Finnish Food Authority, dismisses such worries and says that it is practically impossible to become infected with coronavirus via fresh produce.


Uncertainty over Thai workers despite Finland lifting restrictions,YLE,20.7.9

‎Seasonal workers from Thailand who were to arrive in Finland in time for the berry picking season are still awaiting a decision on their travel plans.

Finland's government had announced in a statement on Wednesday that Thai berry pickers are exempt from travel restrictions and will be allowed to enter the country if they have an invitation from a Finnish employer.

"The entry of berry pickers from Thailand will be permitted according to the country quota previously allocated to Finland. The Thai authorities announced earlier that Finlandfs quota is 3,000 pickers," the statement read.

However, owners of berry processing companies in Finland are worried that Thai authorities may not permit workers to travel to Finland.


La grande distribution profite de lfappétit des Français pour lfalimentation bio,Le Monde,20.7.9

‎En 2019, les consommateurs ont mis dans leur panier de courses pour 11,3 milliards dfeuros de produits bio. Un chiffre en hausse de 13,3 %


Infographie - Les signes officiels de la qualité et de l'origine,Ministère de lfAgriculture, de lfAlimentation,20.7.9


Tractors banned from farmer protests in Groningen,Dutch New,20.7.9

‎Farmers will not be allowed to use tractors at demonstrations in Groningen this week, a court has ruled.


Economy ministry signs memo with grain market players for agreeing on export volumes, not for limiting exports – minister,Inter-fax Ukraine,20.7.8

‎The Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine signed the memorandum with grain market players for the current season for agreeing on the volumes of grain exports, not for limiting them, Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture Ihor Petrashko has said. 


Baisse de plus de 20 % de la récolte française de blé tendre,Agri Mutuel,20.7.8

La récolte française de blé tendre devrait baisser de plus de 20 % cette année, en raison d'un recul des surfaces et des rendements, notamment à cause de très fortes pluies à l'automne dernier, selon une première estimation du ministère de l'agriculture, dont l'AFP a pris connaissance mercredi.

Hunger Is Worsening. Here Are 7 Ways New Yorkers Are Addressing It,The New York Times,20.7.13

Pastors, theater technicians and nonprofit leaders are repurposing their organizations to create and distribute meals.
Additional Commodities Eligible for Coronavirus Food Assistance Program,USDA,20.7.10