6. Open Victoria1 or 2 .
If you open Vic2. Set Head MT parameters at zero.
Vic2 has "HdVictoria" in default

7. Export Head , Left Eye and Right Eye using same option.

8. Name "v2head" and save.
3. Check off Neck, Head Left Eye and Right Eye

4. Check exporting potion like bellow

5. Name "v3body.obj" and save.
1. Run Poser and open Victoria3
2. Selet "Export" "Wavefront OBJ"
Step1 Exporting V3 Body and V2Head
Because of copy-right, I can't upload Tenten on V3 (V2headTenten+V3Body).
I explain how I made Tenten on V3.
The fact is that the process is not easy for beginners.
But if you are interested in her. Try the process step by step.

Making of Tenten on Vicky3 Body