(5) Select Head and set "VP5" at 1.000

(6) Export "Head" using same option

(7) Name "
VP5.obj" and save into any folder
(4) Delete Judy and load "VP5CVT" from Figures/DAZpeople/
(3) Export body obj

  Select "Export" "Wavefront OBJ

  Chck off "Neck" and "Head" in Hierarchy items

  Check Export option as bellow

  Name "
P5body.obj" and save into any folder
Don't forget this !

(2) Before exporting obj. Select chest and set "RtBreastSeam" at zero !!
(1) Run Poser 5 and load "Judy Nude Hires" or "Judy Nude" from Figures/Poser5 palette.
Unziped folder contain two sub-folder: "Runtime" and "neck obj".
You need to put "Runtime" into Poser5 directly
Start downloading

unzip the downloaded file and install "Runtime" folder into Poser 5
Step1  Exporting obj
This is a process rather than a tutorial.
After all steps, You'll get TentenP5 that is Vicky1,2 head on P5 body model.

The tutorial use Victoria , P5 Judy and compressed crz file.

Pre-installed POSER 5 and
Victoria1 or 2 are needed to proceed
Get! Tenten on Judy