Poser 4 Renderer
FireFry Renderer with Smooth polygons option
Render Quality:Production
Rendering option
I stronglly recommend to use FireFry renderer with Smooth polygons option and Production quality.
Judy's body polygons are too rough to make steal images. Compair with thw two images bellow.
Presented by Kozaburo
Long Hair for TentenP5
is avairable

Click the Right image

Remade Koz's Long Hair by Yamato
obj and texture copy-right are reserved by Kozaburo.
!! You can use this item for commercial and non-commercial use without permission.
but...Please do not redistribute the files or a part of the file.
Special item
How to use VP5CVT

You can use it to convert MTs for Victoria1,2 to TentenP5.

1.Run Morph Manager and load VP5CVT.cr2 and Victoria with your favorite MT.
2.Copy the MT to VP5CVT,
3.Run Poser and load VP5CVT and set "VP5" and "your MT" at 1.000.
4.Export head as morph target.
5.Load TentenP5 and apply exported MT and set MT parameter as you want
TentenP5 is compressed crz file.

If you want edit TentenP5. You can select two way.
1. Select Edit/General Preferences and check off "Use file compression" box
Load tenten5 and save it as new figure
2. Select File/Run Python Script and execute "umcompress"
Sorry ! You already finished all process to make tentenP5.

Click TentenP5 icon in Figures/Tenten palette.
Tenten may says hello.......(^^/~
Step1  Exporting obj